keeps my mind


Marie was diagnosed with dementia. She realized herself that soon she will forget the commonest things. First she will forget things from the near past. With the progress of the diseases older memories will fade as well. Her son Carlos gave her recently the MEMENTO system. It's a system that should help Marie to cope with her memory issues. It's supposed to be the system which grows older with Marie — which gets her backup in the digital world. A solution she will never want to miss again.

Function all-day device – analog diary

Most importantly Marie is afraid to lose information about nice memories she has as well as information about her friends and family members. She already starts now — in an early stage — to take the MEMENTO pen and the MEMENTO all-day device everywhere she goes. She makes picture snapshots of her friends and places she likes, she records small audio files and video snippets during chatting and laughing when sitting in the café house with friends and visiting her granddaughter. After the café house with her friends she sits in the park and makes some drawings what is relaxing here and notes of thoughts she has and wants to remember. She knows that all the content is safe — safely stored and processed by MEMENTO and always available for her.

After sitting in the park she remembers to go shopping as her son Carlos comes over for lunch tomorrow. She wants to cook. As she has already now some slight memory loses, she writes down the recipe she got from her friend right now in her pocket book with her smart pen. She now has the recipe stored written in her book and also appearing digital at her blackboard in the kitchen.

Function writing analysis

Whenever Marie is using her MEMENTO Smart Pen the handwriting is automatically analysed regarding a change of the progress of her dementia.

Function blackboard - digital calendar / individual plan

Its Saturday evening. Like every Saturday evening Marie makes together with the blackboard calendar her planning for the next week. She started a while ago to plan her life in small periods. It makes her more confident to set down her individual plan and to be sure that she gets reminders and straight plan to her daily routine. To create the plan herself challenges her also in a nice way to remember the things she has planned with her friends or what she wanted to do during the days.

Carlos can access the calendar of his mother as well. He can regular check and add her appointments - like doctors or other things she might have forgotten. He is looking forward to see her again. To make sure that she does not forget the visit for lunch tomorrow he checks her calendar if there is a reminder set already — otherwise he would do it. He smiles — his mother had already the reminder introduced to her calendar.

Marie wakes up and immediately checks her blackboard. From the first sight she sees what she didn't wanted to forget. The reminders from the calendar as well as her latest notes in her pocket book give her the right information.
She finished cooking in time and sits down to relax. Suddenly a ring on the blackboard — a reminder message from the system to take her medication at 11:00. Marie is relived. She nearly forgot it.