keeps my mind


If quality of life in people with dementia can be defined in terms of their ability to remain independent and live with continued dignity, then the main MEMENTO benefit is clearly about improving quality of life. The solution addresses it by:

  • Supporting Memory and Cognition: MEMENTO supports three common areas in which people with memory loss experience difficulty, such as remembering events, taking in new information, recognising people and places. By supporting with ICT services these three common areas, the project enables the key psychological aspects that affect the quality of life indicators relevant to independence and environment, such as increasing the feeling of being safe and secure.
  • Stimulating enjoyable and meaningful activities: By supporting with ICT services the above mentioned common areas, the project enables also the ability to engage in activities, both physical and mental, affecting the relevant quality of life indicators
  • Reducing isolation: MEMENTO allows friends and family to increase the confidence that their loved ones have continued social interaction and have the ability to reach out at a moment's notice whenever they have the need or desire to keep company, even if located in another place. By establishing and helping reminding personalized daily routines supported by images or pictures of people associated to places, MEMENTO can drastically improve for people with dementia the sense of the environment and the level of social interaction, not only with relatives, friends and caregiver, but also with the community.