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Consortium Meeting at the University Hospital in Perugia

02 March 2018

From 26th to the 27th of February the second Memento consortium took place. We meet in beautiful Perugia in Snow. In the two days we discussed the outcome of the user evaluation workshops and the final design of the Memento solution. Based on the findings we clarified all technical features as well as the technical architecture. We start now implementing and working on the first prototype which will be tested in late summer. We were very satisfied with the meeting outcome and had a wonderful time.

Project Consortium

Workshop with patients in Austria and Italy

01 December 2017

At the 29th of November and the 1st of December the workshop with dementia patients took place at the Medical University of Vienna as well as the University Clinic of Perugia. This workshop with real potential Memento User concluded and first requirements phase. The drafted scenarios and use cases have been evaluated and cross checked for their usability. The project enters now the first development phase and will come back for further evaluations with patients in early summer 2018.

Patients Workshop 01

Patients Workshop 02

Design Workshop

06 November 2017

On 6th November 2017 the Austrian partners BKM, MUW, AIT and WeTouch, met for a design workshop at the AIT Techbase in Vienna. Up until now 12 questionnaires from patients have been collected, 6 from Austria and 6 from Italy. Goal of this workshop was to analyze the responses of these questionnaires and extract problem scenarios. The problem scenarios we found will now be used to form use cases and requirements for the project. All in all it has been a very productive day, and soon workshops with patients will be organized to validate the findings.

Desgign Workshop 01

Desgign Workshop 02

Desgign Workshop 03

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